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Payment Highlights

USA Payment and Settlements

In the United States, funds transfers occur primarily through the Fedwire Funds Service, CHIPS, the National Settlement Service (NSS), cheque clearing, ACH, and payment card networks.   


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The Clearing house - Private CSS

The Clearing House provides a range of large- and small-value electronic payment services, including the
Clearing House Inter-Bank Payments System (CHIPS), a wire-transfer system, the Electronic Payments
Network (EPN), an ACH network, and SVPCO, a cheque clearing service.

Federal Reserve network

Those are FedWire, FedACH, NSS , NCSS 

Private are EPN, ACH network and others

Proposed project - Nexus

There are more than 60 instant payment systems (IPSs) today.Nexus is a scalable crossborder payments network, that would connect IPSs in multiple countries, enabling them to offer cross-border payments that reach their destination within 60 seconds.

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NACHA - ACH network in US

An ACH transfer (a.k.a. direct deposit) is a method of sending funds from one bank to another using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. To process an ACH transfer, a request is made from the payor’s bank account. Then, funds are sent via the ACH network to a recipient’s bank.

The Automated Clearing House network is a network of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, that are batching transactions between them, guided by the rule-making organization, Nacha. ACH is a US-only network, thus not available for payees outside the United States.

Some people may refer to ACH payments as either direct deposit or direct pay via ACH.

Same day ACH / Next Day ACH

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